INsPIRE, Innovative Governance Practices for Higher Education Institutions in Iraq

يهدف مشروع INsPIRE إلى تحقيق ممارسات الحوكمة في مؤسسات التعليم العالي في العراق ، بما في ذلك القيم المؤسسية مثل الاستقلالية والمساءلة والمشاركة والتدويل وأنظمة الإدارة الجيدة التنظيم التي تضمن تنفيذ هذه الممارسات.


INsPIRE final event: project legacy and sustainability

The INSPIRE project, after 4 years of implementation, arrived towards its end. To celebrate the work of the Consortium over the project timeline, a final project event was scheduled for January 11th 2023. The final meeting was organized as a broad event. to present the project, the latest activities completed, and above all to share considerations on the potential benefits that […]

Field visit at the University of Siena and Evora: 34 Iraqi colleagues on the move

As the final step of the Capacity Building action for the benefit of Iraqi universities, some study visits have been arranged. In November 2022, 30 academic staff members from Iraqi universities and 4 respresentatives from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Resaearch participated in a circular field visit at two of the EU […]

Call for tender: ICT supply for the INsPIRE project

In the framework of the project INsPIRE, coordinated by the University of Siena, UNIMED has launched a tender procedure to select a provider able to supply ICT materials (see Tenders Specifications) to be delivered to the following Universities in Iraq: University of Mosul, University of Baghdad, University of Basrah, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Sumer University, Al-Qasim Green University, University of Basrah Oil and […]

Study visits at European Universities as the final step of the training of iraqi staff

To complete the Capacity Building action, along with the online webinars and workshops, and the virtual training on university management, Iraqi staff members will visit European universities and deepen their understanding on how the European institutions function. Visits are meant to be 2-days training study visits at European Universities (Siena, Evora and Istanbul Aydin), to follow-up and show the […]

Training week on internationalisation strategies and planning, hosted by the University of Bologna for Iraqi universities

On May 16th to 20th, staff members from 10 Iraqi universities together with the representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq have been hosted by the University of Bologna, Italy, for an intensive Training Week “Design internationalisation plans for universities”  to jointly work on strategic planning for internationalisation activities, , in the framework of […]