As the final step of the Capacity Building action for the benefit of Iraqi universities, some study visits have been arranged. In November 2022, 30 academic staff members from Iraqi universities and 4 respresentatives from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Resaearch participated in a circular field visit at two of the EU university partners in the framework of the INsPIRE project, the University of Siena and the University of Evora. The visits took place on November 14-15, 2022, in Siena, and on November 17-18 in Evora.

The Iraqi colleagues were university Rectors, vice-Rectors, Quality Assurance Directors and academics from different fields. The field visits were organized as an occasion for further training, so as to have the opportunity to compare their ways of implementing procedures and mechanisms in key areas such as the implementation of quality standard, the management of the internationalisation units, the management of research activities, the gender equality policies, academic services and more. The field visits saw the participation of a large number of trainers on behalf of the hosting universities, with the purpose of sharing experiences and go in depth into the institutional mechanism, to fully understand how to implement in practice university procedures and strategic decisions.

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