To complete the Capacity Building action, along with the online webinars and workshops, and the virtual training on university management, Iraqi staff members will visit European universities and deepen their understanding on how the European institutions function.

Visits are meant to be 2-days training study visits at European Universities (Siena, Evora and Istanbul Aydin), to follow-up and show the practice of good strategic planning in Europe.

Study visits are planned for 3 participants per Iraqi HEI and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, for a total of 33 participants from Iraq. Suggested profiles are: members of university management (the Rector, a Vice-Rector), the Director of the Quality Assurance Service/Department, the local coordinator, and/or the Director of the Cultural and Scholarship unit.

Stay tuned on the INsPIRE website to know more!

University of Siena
University of Evora
Istanbul Aydin University
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