Once the training from European to Iraqi partners is concluded, a new phase starts for the project where competences are transferred to other Iraqi staff members by those who have been trained. Thanks to a cascade effect, other Iraqi staff members are upskilled.

The training acts as a way of transferring the knowledge and skills from the iraqi staff directly engaged in the capacity building action and trained by the European trainers and teachers to other iraqi staff at the 10 beneficiary institutions.

The local training are fundamental steps to allow Iraqi Higher Education Institutions to own the project, and contribute to the achievement of the project objective, namely the enhancement of governance practices through the improvement of autonomy, accountability, participation, internalisation, management and performance.

Consequently, local trainings can cover the following themes:

  • university management
  • strategic planning
  • quality assurance
  • participation

The idea is to engage university staff at different levels and with different roles in the evaluation and analysis of the institutional capacity; in the planning of activities over the short, medium and long period; to performe better in terms of quality of processes and results; to develop an internal planning and programming culture; to enhance organizational learning through the empowerment and training of the staff members.

Trainers are selected within those trained in the framework of WP2, according to the following requisites:

  • Participated actively in the training activities
  • Good communication skills
  • Some experiences in university activities, procedures, and management

The training last between 15 to 20 hours in total, including classroom lectures, reading materials, realizations of some knowledge monitoring acquisition activity, developing a work group activity.

Al-Qasim Green University

Wasit University

Al-Kark University of Science

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