WP3 roles

The leader of the working package 3 is Istanbul Aydin University. The role of IAU was:

  • Leading the development of the WP3
  • Supporting the design of institutional action plans by Iraqi universities
  • Supporting the implementation of changes and best practices at Iraqi universities
  • Assessment of the institutional plans

The co-leader of WP3 is Sumer University.  The role of Sumer University was:

  • To support IAI in dialogue with the Iraqi colleagues
  • Coordinate the activities of the Iraqi partners

The role of the Iraqi Partners was to design their own institutional Action Plan to improve their management techniques and governance arrangements

WP3 aim and scope

The main aim of WP3 was the development of a specific action plan for each HEI, according to the need assessment performed at the beginning of the project. Each plan was developed through a strong collaboration between the WP Leader Istanbul Aydin Univesity and the staff at the Iraqi universities which was trained along the implementation of INSPIRE.


1) to support the adoption and adaptation, in a proper way, of international managerial techniques to the local context

2) to guarantee a successful implementation of governance changes in Iraqi HEIs.

3) Periodical impact assessment and refinement of decisions, based on the outcomes achieved and lessons learned during the action plan implementation

In other words, starting from the institutional needs (WP1), building on the capacities acquired during the capacity building action of the project (WP2), Iraqi universities worked to define a measure to be implemented at the university (for QA, for management, for strategic planning) which contributes to the strategic development of the institution (WP3).

Who has taken part in the development of the plans?

  1. The Iraqi university staff involved and trained in the WP2 activities
  2. The university leaders who have the capacity to apply the plan
  3. The academic and administrative staff in their apical positions
  4. Project coordinators at each Iraqi institution to guide internally the process.

Steps for the creation of the Institutional Action plans for each HEI in Iraq

IAU: designed and provided the templates for the process of developement of the Action Plans, and guided the process of design and assessment.

Iraqi Partners: 1) The staff trained on strategic planning was engaged in each University for the development of the Institutional Action Plan. 2) The Action Plans were drafted starting from the results of the institutional self-evaluation. 3) The staff at each Iraqi university met and discussed the specific priorities to be addressed and the desired changes to be implemented at their institution. 4) Iraqi universities developed the plan, which was then assessed by IAU to give them additional advices on the road to take in the future university reforming path.

Iraqi partners passed through the needs analysis stage, conducting the self-evaluations, and revising the Need Analysis Report defined what needed to be changed, setting a vision and goals. The rationale behind the development of the Institutional Action Plans was:

PLAN YOUR ACTIONS What is required to achieve the goal? When should be done? Who does it? What support is needed?

TAKE ACTIONS: Are the first steps actionable? Are key practice changes being fully implemented? Are measuring key performance outcomes?

REVIEW PROGRESS: What happened? Why? What impact did it have on performance? How was change sustained?

LEARN AND RE-LEARN: What made a difference? Why? How can we do better? What are the opportunities for further improvements?

Institutional Action Plans and WP3 Report

PDF Report

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