Year 2021 was very challenging for all of us, personally and professionally, still coping with the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic but also loking forward to a new normal. 2021 was a rich and fruitful year for our INsPIRE project, a year of milestones, dialogue, activities and renewed cooperation.

2021 was full of expectations, hopes, good intentions and consolidated partnerships… and why not? Friendship.

Together we have:

In 2021 INsPIRE has been also showcased as a Best Practice at the e-Booth of EACEA for the annual Grant Holders Meeting for the Capacity Building projects funded by the Erasmus+ programme, and has been disseminated wide and far through news, social media and publications.

A special thank to all the leaders, educators, experts, university staff members and to everyone who contributed to our achievements and to the conversation on governance of Higher Education Institutions in Iraq.

A thank to Erasmus+ for making all these things possible.

We are confident that 2022 will be another year of success, a year of travels (!) with in-front-of-a-coffeee conversations, a year of more accomplishments, more training, more friendship. Happy holidays from the INsPIRE team!

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