The Capacity Building action of INsPIRE included a virtual training on Moodle, with synchronous and asynchronous sessions for a total of 45 hours of training, performed between December 15h and January 21st.

The online training was hosted in the online training platform of UNIMED available here:

The training was directed to: middle management (service directors and other administrative staff, rectorate staff, positions in the general management of the university), administrative staff at Faculty level, leaders of special areas.

INsPIRE Training on University Management

The aim of the virtual training was to develop knowledge, capacities, and skills for the management in the universities. The focus will be on university governance and university management.

Main areas of training will be:

  1. An Idea of University
  2. University general concepts
  3. The university general mission areas: the four pillars
  4. Management process of the University pillars:
    1. Strategy focus
    2. Administrative focus
    3. Process management
  5. The organisation development system:
    1. Leadership
    2. Academic Culture
    3. Governance structure model
  6. Management system:
    1. Human resources management
    2. Financial management
    3. Quality management
    4. Information system management



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